Turkey Travel: Sunset at Caravanserai, Konya

Do you ever wonder where did the traveller stay when they visit another town or country in the olden days in Turkey? Well, they do stay in the inn. And to make my trip to Turkey more exciting, our tour guide brought us to see the original inn which is still preserved for tourism purpose until now in the city of Konya. Let's go in deeper!

The entrance to caravanserai in Konya Turkey

 The inn in those days are referred to as "caravanserai". Let's have a closer look at the details of the grand entrance.

Closer look at the entrance of caravanserai in Konya Turkey

The details of the caravanserai can be found right after the entrance. There is certain fee to pay for the access to see the caravanserai but I did not really remember how much. The entrance fee is required for the maintenance of the caravanserai. 

The caravanserai's complex is very huge. I suppose it's because during those days, most travellers are usually traders who carry a lot of goods to trade and they have a lot of carriages. As such, I guess they need bigger space to "park" their carriages. 

The yard of caravanserai at Konya Turkey

You are looking at the hotel's room now. These are the smaller "bedrooms". Hehe.

The rooms at the caravanserai at Konya Turkey

This is the biggest room that this caravanserai. The tour guide mentioned that during winter, when it is too cold for the guests to stay at the outdoor smaller "bedroom", all guests (and its animals) will camp here for the night. The owner of the caravanserai will close the door to ensure that the room is warm enough on winter nights. 

Winter room for caravanserai at Konya Turkey

One last view of the caravanserai which was taken at sunset. We could see the moon up there upon the skyline. =)

Sunset at caravanserai Konya

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