Wonderful Indonesia: It's a Beautiful Morning at Puncak

After stuck in the traffic jam for I don't know how many hours, I finally reached my uncle's places. Okay, not really his places but more like where he is working. My uncle is working as a caretaker for villas in Puncak. This gives me the privilege to...roam the villa complex for free. Hehehe.

It's a beautiful morning at Puncak

Oh right, if you don't know it yet, Puncak is the name for the area surrounding the peak of Mountain Gede-Pangrango which is located in Bogor-Cianjur-Sukabumi regencies, West Java. The view from the villa area that morning is beautiful. ^^

Morning view at Puncak Indonesia

All kinds of pretty flowers are growing up here. Well I suppose the weather in the mountain is better for the flowers to grow beautifully. 

Orange Flower at Puncak

Plants with colorful leaves. 

Pretty plants at Puncak

I am in love with Hydrangea. <3

Hydrangea at Puncak

Puncak is a very popular holiday destination for Jakarta people and hence, from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon, there is always a severe traffic. That't the price you have to pay to enjoy the beauty view of Puncak I guess. XD 

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