Bali Eats: Eating at Rice field experience at Bebek Joni, Ubud

Ubud is a well known area in Bali for the beautiful view of rice fields and of course, the traditional Balinese fried duck. We have tried Bebek Tepi Sawah and Bebek Bengil in our previous trips to Bali before. The setting of the restaurant kinda looks familiar somehow. 

Bebek Joni Restaurant in Ubud Bali

Just like at Bebek Tepi Sawah, there is also a statue of Dewi Sri (re: goddess Sri) at Bebek Joni. The Balinese worship Dewi Sri as the goddess of rice and prosperity. 

Dewi Sri Statue at Bebek Joni Ubud

The view of the rice field is breath taking. When I visited Bebek Bengil before, the rice field was just harvested the day before so the sight is not as beautiful as the rice field now at Bebek Joni.

Ubud rice field view in Bali

After we had enough fun in the rice field, we walked back to our designated table. Yup, if you are wondering, you will eat your food at one of the huts over there. Pretty cool, right?

Eating at Rice field experience at Bebek Joni, Ubud

Here comes our favorite Balinese deep fried duck. So crispy, so rich in flavor, so good. 

Bebek Joni Balinese deep fried duck at Ubud

We also ordered Balinese fried rice which is served with fried egg, satay and chicken. Don't forget the crackers. 

Balinese Fried Rice at Bebek Joni at Ubud

Overall, I enjoyed my lunch here at Bebek Joni. This is one great alternative to the other duck restaurants in Ubud. 

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