Bali Travel: An Artistic Day at Bidadari Art Gallery, Ubud

Hello everyone! Do you know that other than its gold and silversmiths, Ubud is also famous for its wood sculpture arts? We did not really know about this fact until we stepped inside one of the many art galleries in Ubud, Bidadari Art Gallery.

Oh wow, looks at that mask. Now, this will make a good accessories for a masquerade banquet, isn't it? =P

An Artistic Day at Bidadari Art Gallery, Ubud

Bidadari Art Gallery functions as exhibition hall, art store and a sculpture workshop. We can see these men sculpturing the wooden statues.

Sculpture Class at Ubud Bali

You will really need both delicacy and accuracy when you are sculpturing a statue which has a lot of details. 

The art of sculpture wood Ubud Bali

The wooden statue of a woman. This kinda remind me of a similar wood statue that my mum kept in her old bedroom. 

Wooden woman statue at Ubud Bali

The sculpture of traditional Balinese dancer. 

Wooden statue of traditional Balinese dancer Ubud Bali

In another room, we can see a lot of wooden mask and even wooden painting. These art pieces do not come cheap though as it needs a lot of preparation and skill to create one. 

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