Bali Travel: Beautiful Volcano and Crater Lake at Mount Batur, Kintamani

If you think you can only see the white sands and blue sea in Bali, you are so mistaken. Bali also has mountainous terrain just like in Kintamani region. The mountainous region around Kintamani is centering on the volcanic caldera of Mount Batur. I was kinda imagining an active volcano which hot lava and ongoing smoke on the crater when we are going to Mount Batur. After all, Mount Batur is an active volcano. When we arrived at Mount Batur though, there is no lava in sight, which made me so grateful. Hahaha. 

Crater of Mount Batur at Kintamani Bali Island

The iconic view of Mount Batur is it spectacular deep creater lake and bubbling hot springs. If you are adventurous, you can sign up for the trekking trip to Mount Batur. But as for me and my family, we were already content seeing Mount Batur and its crater lake from afar. #easilypleased

Beautiful Volcano and Crater Lake at Mount Batur Kintamani

There are a lot of lodgings provided near the lake. I suppose it will be nice to spend a night near the lake before and after you are done with the trekking. 

Lodgings near Lake Batur in Bali

Managed to take a panoramic view of Mount and Lake Batur. Awesome scene. I love Indonesian nature so much. 

Panoramic view of Mount and Lake Batur in Bali Indonesia

If spending the night at the lakeside does not really excite you, how about spending the night on the mountainous terrain? =P

Lodgings in Mount Batur Bali Indonesia

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