Bali Travel: Celuk Village, where the Gold and silversmiths live

After coming out from Bebek Joni with an added weight, we thought the next thing that we need to enjoy in Ubud is limited to the beautiful rice terraces. I started to think we should just pull the car aside, make a stop then stare into the beautiful scenery for eternity...

...until our driver told us that we are going to visit Celuk Village, to see how the Balinese create gold and silver accessories. Hmm, that did not sound bad either so off we went. We went into a store which also functions as a workshop for the gold and silversmiths. 

Celuk Village where the gold and silversmiths live

Inside the workshop, you can see how the store workers are making the accessories. For example, the lady here is currently making earrings.

Celuk Village Gold and Silvermith Workshop Ubud Bali

You need certain degree of accuracy and patience when you are assembling the small pieces of silver beads into your earrings structure. Totally not my career choice. Hahaha.

Assembling the earring at gold and silversmith workshop in Celuk Village

The final product. Ta-dah! Amazing craft skill. 

Silver earrings at Celuk Village Ubud Bali

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