Taiwan Eats: T.K.K. Fried Chicken, Ximending

Even though Taiwan has KFC (see my post on KFC here), it also has its own version of fried chicken. It happened that my friend and I were hungry and then we saw this interesting yellow neon sign opposite the road.

TKK Fried Chicken

The fast food chain is called TKK Fried Chicken (頂呱呱/ Dǐngguāgūa) and they are scattered all around Taiwan. If I'm not wrong, I saw a branch in Ximending vicinity. 

Not very sure on why the mascot has a very muscular bicep. Which I very much doubt he gain it from eating fried chicken. 

TKK Fried Chicken Mascot

What makes it different from KFC is that it serves fried sweet potato and fried mantou instead of normal fries. I ordered chicken wings that night. 

TKK Set Meal Chicken Wings Taiwan

I can't really appreciate fried sweet potato and much prefer normal fries though. For that reason alone, I'd probably go back to KFC. Hahaha. 

Have you tried this? Which one do you prefer? TKK or KFC? 

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