Hong Kong Trip: Ferry Trip in Hong Kong

After filling our tummy with various HK cafe dishes at Tsui Wah, we decided not to go back to our hotel, Panorama Hotel, so early. My friend's cousin who is a Hong Kong citizen, brought us to try riding the ferry from Star Ferry Pier. As the traffic light for the ferry is still red (no yellow light though), we must wait for a while before we can board the ferry as it had not arrived yet.

Traffic Light for the Ferry in Hong Kong

The ferry crowd was alright as it was already around 8.30ish at night when we boarded the ferry. The ferry ride is actually pretty short as we just rode the ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island and then, back to Kowloon.

Onboard the Hong Kong ferry

The view from the ferry is actually very nice but my lousy phone could not capture the night view pretty well. 

Hong Kong City View from Ferry

Well, you get the idea even though the picture is blurred. Hahaha. I should probably invest in a new phone.

Hong Kong Night View

Other random fact about this activity, do you know that Star ferry crossing is rated as one of 50 places of a lifetime by National Geographic? So what are you waiting for? Go make your mark at this iconic spot in Hong Kong. Hehe. 

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