Semarang Eats: Bakmi Djowo Pak Doel, Traditional Javanese Noodle

Bakmi Djowo (re: Javanese noodle) is Semarang's local food. There are basically a ton of Bakmi Djowo restaurants in Semarang so we just randomly entered into one restaurant belongs to Pak (Mr.) Doel Noemani which is located opposite Crowne Plaza Semarang. 

Bakmi Djowo Pak Doel Traditional Javanese Noodle

At most restaurants in Semarang, you will find a plate full of satays. These satays are somewhat different (and can be a bit daunting) because the meat used is the intestine part. I am not a big fan of intestine so I gave this plate a miss and decided to focus on the noodle instead.

A plate of intestines satay at Bakmi Djowo Pak Doel Semarang

Bakmi Djowo is sold in 3 different version. One is fried. Another is soup. The last one is the most interesting version because it is half fried, half soup. The half-half version is called "Mie Nyemek". I prefer my noodle to be fried though. So this is the fried version. 

The restaurant can be pretty crowded at dinner time so you need to have a certain degree of patience to wait for your order. After all, Semarang people love to eat.

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