Semarang Eats: Coconut Ice at Cama Ikan Bakar & Seafood

When you visit Semarang for a short few days, you will wish that you have four stomaches just like what the cow has. This is because the city has so much to offer for your tummy. We visited Cama after a few rounds of meal. I could barely eat but my cousin want to eat seafood. God bless her tummy. XD

Since I was already quite full, I just ordered dessert. After all, there's always room for dessert. A hot day called for a bowl of iced coconut. 

The iced coconut here is served with syrup so it taste kinda too sweet. Oh well, at least the coconut taste good. 

If you are wondering what did I eat before I came to Cama, well, the list is kinda long: 

- Soto Ayam Mbak Lin (chicken soup)
- Es Dawet Kampung Kali (something like es cendol)
- Soto Ayam Pak Man (another chicken soup, omg)

Okay, I definitely need to take a break for the benefit of my tummy after this. 

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