Semarang Eats: A Warm Night with Wedang Jahe at Istana Wedang

Whenever I am thinking of comfort food, I am always reminded of the warmth feeling in my stomach after consuming a famous local dessert in Semarang called Wedang Jahe. There is this one particular restaurant named Istana Wedang located just opposite our hotel, Crowne Plaza in Semarang.

Istana Wedang in Semarang Indonesia

What is Wedang Jahe? Well it is basically Javanese style of ginger tea. The tea is devoid of caffeine and it is made from ginger juices which coming out from the fresh ginger slices. Palm sugar or granulated cane sugar were added to the tea. Pandan leaves are also added for fragrance. 

The best thing about wedang jahe is that it is served together with steamed onde (i.e. the round looking thing). The onde is made from glutinous rice cake. The onde is filled with green bean. They are so yummy! 

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