Singapore Cafe: Gateaux Party in Patisserie G, Millenia Walk

Work has been kinda tiring lately and there's nothing better than a perfect night chat in a cafe on a Monday night. Mimi and I decided to share a cake at a cafe which both of us always want to try, Patisserie G. The cafe looks bright and so welcoming from outside. 

Patisserie G at Millenia Walk

Patisserie G offers a lot of yummy-looking cakes. Is it just me or the cakes here are mostly round in shapes? Well there is a reason for that which happens to be the name behind the alphabet "G". These elaborate cakes which are layered with cream are referred to as "gateaux". 

Gateaux Party in Patisserie G, Millenia Walk

I forget what is this cute little thing is called so I am just gonna improvise and name it myself. Let's call it the dotty G. Dotty G is glazed with caramel on the outside but on the inside it's chocolatey. Yummy! =)

These pretty little Gateaux are not cheap but taste-wise, they are delicious. We also love the ambience of the cafe which is quite cozy in general. 

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