Singapore Eats: Bonheur Patisserie, PasarBella The Grandstand

Our adventure in PasarBella continues and we have arrived at the dessert section of the market. You can find Bonheur Patisserie, which seems to be famous for its macarons, at the dessert section. 

Bonheur Patisserie PasarBella The Grandstand

Bonheur Patisserie sells not only macarons but a lot of other type of cakes too. From the display, it seems that Bonheur Patisserie offers a lot of sponge cakes. 

Bonheur Patisserie Cakes and Macarons Display

Bonheur Patisseries have a various kind of macarons. A lot of the flavors cannot be found somewhere else just like this sakura and peppermint milk chocolate. 

Sakura and Peppermint Milk Chocolate Macarons at Bonheur Patisserie

The color of this particular macaron attracted me so I decided to purchase this Passion White Ganache macaron. Taste quite good. But I am quite a sweet-eater so macarons can probably be too sweet for some people.

Passion White Ganache Macarons at Bonheur Patisserie

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