Singapore Eats: Daebak experience over at Wang Dae Bak, China Square

It's always a challenge to find a place to eat lunch in CBD whenever we are unable to come out from office before 12pm. So in those rare occasions when we can leave office earlier around 11.30 - 11.40ish, we can try out those restaurants which usually has a long queue in front of its door. And for today, it's time to go to Wang Dae Bak. 

Daebak experience over at Wang Dae Bak China Square

First food on the table is the seafood pajeon (re: pancake). Be warned that the portion of the pancake is BIG. I suppose this is enough to feed 4 people at least. Both of us could not finish the whole plate.

Seafood Pajeon at Wang Dae Bak China Square

My colleague ordered bulgogi soup. This is so nice to eat in a cold weather. But Singapore is so will end up sweating outside. Hahaha. Oh Wang Dae Bak is fully air-conned though also you may come out a bit smelly.

Bulgogi soup at Wang Dae Bak China Square

My favorite dish from bibimbap has to be the bibimbap. Although I admit the secret ingredients in every bibimbap is the gochujang sauce. Ultimate sauce which makes the whole bowl taste great. XD

Bulgogi bibimbap at Wang Dae Bak China Square

If Wang Dae Bak is too far from your place, you may try another Korean food alternative at Dal In (which is located nearer to Telok Ayer MRT Station).

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