Singapore Eats: Executive Lunch Set at Level 33, Marina Bay Financial Centre

It's not everyday we are going for a celebration on a weekday lunchtime. But today is different, it's my best friend/ colleague's birthday. So there's a reason to celebrate and hence, there's a reason to go to finally go to Level 33. 

Level 33 is a name of a restaurant (and not an office level in our office building, obviously) located at Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 1. There is a lift at level 1 of tower 1 which goes directly to the restaurant at level 33. The restaurant offers a semi-buffet set menu at lunch time (i.e. executive set lunch). Basically when you selected a main course, it comes with an access to the buffet bar for the cold meats like salmon, ham, smoked beef and prawns.

Meat Station at Level 33 MBFC

In addition to the meats, you will also have an access to the salad and pasta bar. 

Salad and Pasta Station at Level 33 MBFC

The main course selection is usually a total of 5 dishes. The three fixed one are the fish and chips, beef sandwich and beef burger. While the other two are changed weekly. The fish and chips looks rather interesting as the fried fish is served...bent. Now this is my first time eating a bended fried fish. 

Fish and Chips at Level 33 MBFC

The next main course is one of the weekly dish, it's a seafood linguine served in arabiatta sauce. 

Seafood Linguine in Arabiatta Sauce at Level 33 MBFC

The beef patty in the beef burger is very big. But it looks kinda dry though. I guess it's because my friend ordered a well done patty. 

Beef Burger at Level 33 MBFC

Overall, the taste of the main course is so-so. However, if you are a big eater, you will probably have fun taking the appetiser, cold meat and dessert from the semi-buffet bar. The executive lunch set runs from 11.30pm - 2pm and it costs S$33++ per pax. A reservation is required because the restaurant is usually packed with well..executives working in the neighbourhood.  

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