Singapore Eats: Foodie Adventure at PasarBella, The Grandstand Bukit Timah

This random adventure on a Saturday afternoon was officially the farthest I've ever ventured in Singapore to eat (I am a lazy foodie). Bukit Timah is not really my favourite place to visit because it is not easy to reach Bukit Timah without driving a car. There are shuttle buses provided by PasarBella from 3 MRT stations i.e. Clementi, Botanic Gardens and Toa Payoh MRT Stations (schedule here). After taking shuttle bus from Clementi MRT Station, we reached Pasarbella after 20 minutes-ish ride. Welcome to the Grandstand. 

Foodie Adventure at PasarBella The Grandstand Bukit Timah

PasarBella is basically a high-up "market". This is where you can find all kind of freshest products (which you probably cannot find at normal supermarket). Any grunt or trout, peeps?

Fish market at Pasarbella The Grandstand Bukit Timah

When you came in, you will be welcomed immediately by the smell of the fishes. This is because fish market is located at the most front part of PasarBella. If you don't cook, you can make request for your choice-of-seafood to be cooked immediately on the spot. 

Fish Market at PasarBella The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore

You can enjoy your cooked fish here at the seating area after the chefs are done with the cooking. We were not really in the mood for fishy affair that day so...moving on. 

The next area that we ventured on is the Beef Market. There is a guide on the board on several terms for steaks. 

Beef Market Signage at PasarBella The Grandstand Bukit Timah

Similar to the Fish Market, you can find all things from raw to cooked meat in the Beef Market section. 

Beef Market section of PasarBella The Grandstand

This is the raw meat section. I did not really pay any attention in particular because...well...the landlord in my rented property does not allow cooking. So yeah...the meat looks juicy though. #lookonly

Raw Meats Station at Beef Market PasarBella The Grandstand

PasarBella is really big so if you really want to take your time looking around, you need to spend probably half a day. 

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