Singapore Eats: Hot Dog and Meatball Pasta at Pasar Bella, The Grandstand

After hopping from one food stall to another in Pasar Bella, we finally decided to take a break with a lot of food in tow to the eating area at level 2. 

We managed to take away a few items from our adventure at level 1. For instance, there is this deli named Huber's Deli which gives us a warning on its hot dog box. 

Huber's Deli at Pasar Bella The Grandstand Singapore

Huber's Deli is actually part of Huber's Butchery which sells premium meats online (re: online butchery). But since I was or am never a chef, the fact that online butchery exists kinda slips my mind. Anyway, Huber's Deli in Pasar Bella sells hot dog with yummy-looking-sausage. This hot dog has fried shallots as toppings, oh-my-gawd, I am sold. 

Fried shallot hot dot from Huber's Deli at Pasar Bella

Other than the hot dog, we also bought meatball cheesy tomato spaghetti. Taste good too. I love the mixture of the meatballs, cheese and tomatoes.

Cheesy meatball tomato spaghetti Pasar Bella the Grandstand

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