Singapore Eats: Japanese BBQ at Gyu-Kaku, Queenstown

I live in Queenstown and yet, I seldom explore area near my neighbourhood. My friend who used to stay in Queenstown recommend a Japanese BBQ place called Gyu-Kaku which is located just opposite IKEA. The thing is from Queenstown MRT to IKEA, you need to take a bus and I am not really a fan of bus (because of the uncertain waiting times) and there you go, I seldom go there. Hahaha. 

Japanese BBQ at Gyu-Kaku Queenstown

Unlike its Korean counterparts, the customers here are expected to cook their own food. Since we will need to further wait for the meat to be cooked, we ordered a few appetisers. First up is the sesame sauce salad. I love the Japanese sesame sauce because it goes well with the greens.

Japanese Sesame Salad at Gyu-Kaku Queenstown

We also ordered an okonomiyaki although I kinda feel that the okonomiyaki served at Gyu-Kaku is kinda...thin. The sauces are good though.

Okonomiyaki at Gyu-Kaku Queenstown

My friend immediately said with a rising voice when we saw this item on the menu "WE MUST ORDER THIS". Huh? Okay, okay, let's order this Mushroom Medley then. It is basically a combination of a various kind of mushrooms cooked in butter sauce. Now it does not look appetising yet but my friend insisted that the grill will do magic on the mushroom (I started to wonder if the mushrooms are going to sing soon). XD

Mushroom Medley at Gyu-Kaku Queenstown

This plate is the main star of the day because it is full of what-we-want-to-eat, BEEF. Portion-wise, it does not look a lot for 4 hungry monsters, to be honest.

Gyu-Kaku Meat Platter Queenstown

Our garlic rice was served while the meat is cooking. After splitting amongst the four of us, it looks like we are on a carbo diet. LOL.

Garlic Rice at Gyu-Kaku Queenstown

Remember about the mushroom medley? This is how it looks like once the butter melts and the mushrooms are cooked. Smells heavenly.

Cooked Mushroom Medley at Gyu Kaku Queenstown

Okay, the garlic rice is definitely too small to share amongst 4 of us. So we ordered minced meat and tofu rice to add our carbo consumption. #heregoesourdiet

Last but not least, we ordered Yuzu and Matcha Ice Cream. Sweet taste in our mouths. =)

Japanese Yuzu and Matcha Ice Cream at Gyu-Kaku Queenstown

Total bill comes around S$50 for one person. I kinda find it too expensive because by the same price, I can enjoy high tea at nice hotels. Although there will not be grilled meat at a hotel high tea though. 

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