Singapore Eats: Japanese Charcoal Grill Yakiniku at Tajimaya, Vivo City

If you want to have a charcoal grill yakiniku in Singapore at a reasonable price, you may want to try out Tajimaya at Vivo City. The beef meat is at higher price though. So we stuck to the other cheaper alternatives like salmon and chicken. 

Salmon Ala Carte at Tajimaya Yakiniku Singapore

The portion for both salmon and chicken is just nice for two person. 

Chicken Ala Carte Tajimaya Yakiniku Singapore

I also ordered an additional garlic rice bowl. Because I think I will go hungry if I only eat the meat. #greedygirl

Garlic Rice at Tajimaya Yakiniku Singapore

Customers need to cook their own meat here (not like Korean BBQ where the staff will come and cook for customers). So your clothes may get a little smelly after grilling a number of meat. 

The taste of the grilled meat, however, is so good. Especially when you pair them together with alcohol. Hehe. 

Kirin Beer and Yuzu Alcohol at Tajimaya Yakiniku Singapore

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