Singapore Eats: Malaysian Foodie Night at Malaysia Food Street, Resorts World Sentosa

After we were done looking at the menu at Malaysian Food Street, everyone was on a mission to go to each own choice food. Once a customer is done ordering, the staff at the food stall will give a buzzer which will beep once the food is ready for collection. 

Malaysian Food Street Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

So what are the bounties of our food hunt? First is Assam Laksa, which is a popular dish from Penang. Different from how laksa is usually cooked in Singapore, Assam laksa is made sour. In addition, shredded fish is used for its soup base. I am used to the taste of curry laksa so the sour taste from this Assam laksa does not really suit my tastebud. 

Penang Assam Laksa at Malaysian Food Street RWS

Next in our menu is a claypot from Huan Kee Claypot Rice. Chinese sausage and chicken claypot to be exact. I thought this dish is originated from Hong Kong instead of Malaysia but I suppose who does not like claypot. Hehe.

Chinese Sausage and Chicken Claypot at Malaysian Food Street Sentosa

The next dish is quite unique because it is actually a rendition of Hokkien Mee (re: noodle). It's just the noodle is so dark because of the use of I-dunno-how-much dark soya sauce. This dish is called KL Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee. The ownder of the restaurant in KL said that the trick to master this dish is by reaching the balance between the salty flavour from light soya sauce and the sweetness from dark soya sauce. As for cooking noob like me, let's just go here and order a plate of the black noodles.

KL Jalan Alor Black Hokkien Mee at Malaysian Food Street Sentosa

Last but not least, we also ordered peanut and cheese crepe as desserts. Taste so so. Better consumed while they are hot.

Peanut and cheese crepes Malaysian Food Street Sentosa

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