Singapore Eats: Random Happy Hour at Paulaner, Clarke Quay

There are those days when you just simply wandered around a certain area and before you know it, you saw the board outside a certain place saying Happy Hour! Haha well, this will likely happen if that certain area happens to be Clarke Quay. And the choice to enjoy the happy hour drinks tonight went to Paulaner. 

First, we started with the fries as our appetiser. This appetiser does not fail us. 

Fries at Paulaner Clarke Quay

We also ordered a set of sausages which are served on top of sauerkraut, which literally translates as sour cabbages.

Grilled Sausages on Sauerkraut at Paulaner Clarke Quay

The pork knuckle is quite nice too and the size is not as big as the one sold in Brotzeit. Just nice for two people. 

And last but not least, the main reason why we came here in the first class, two glasses of Bavarian beer. The beers taste so good. ^^

If you are looking for a cozy place to have beer, you can consider coming to Paulaner. =)

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