Singapore Eats: Toast and Mee Siam at Wang Cafe, Orchard Gateway

Other than Toast Box and Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Wang Cafe is another local franchise in Singapore which seems to be everywhere all around the island. One of the locations is in Orchard Gateway, next to Starbucks. However, different from Starbucks, Wang Cafe offers traditional tea and coffee. So you will see a lot of Coffee O, Coffee C, etc in their menu.

Wang Cafe Orchard Gateway Singapore

There is a set menu offered for the price of S$6.00. We thought this is not a bad deal because the set consists of mee rebus, kaya toast and a cup of coffee/ tea. This is the mee rebus. Kinda different from the concept of mee rebus in Indonesia I guess.

Wang Cafe Mee Rebus Singapore

Kaya toast is always a popular dish amongst the local. It doesn't have to be a breakfast staple as the toast is ordered by people all the time during a day. 

Kaya Toast at Wang Cafe Orchard Gateway Singapore

I did not take picture of the teh-C which I ordered. Teh C refers to condensed milk tea. The tea tastes quite nice. Overall, Wang cafe is also a cozy place to have a good chat with your friends. If you happen to be waiting for your flight over at Changi Airport, I think I saw there is a Wang Cafe inside the airport terminal there. So, Wang Cafe can be a good spot for waiting for a flight too it seems. Hahaha.

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