Singapore Eats: Yummy Roasted Meat Rice at Guan Chee, Star Vista

Whenever I have to eat alone, I usually prefer to take away the food so that I can enjoy my lunch/ dinner in front of my laptop watching stuffs (not to the extent of watching another person eating in my laptop although hey I should probably try that since it's trending #eh #what).

The best place to take away food home in Singapore is of course the food court or hawker centre. If you take away from restaurants, the food will be more expensive so food court/ hawker centre will be my first choice of take-away-food. Second is the fast food joints. And guess what, you can find yummy food in the food court too, just like this Guan Chee HK Roasted Duck Pte Ltd which stall is located at the Kitchen, Star Visa (i.e. the food court).

Guan Chee HK Roast at The Kitchen Star Vista

Looking at where the branches of Guan Chee is located from the top of the food container, it is apparently a famous franchise amongst food court in Singapore. Well I have to say that the roasted pork is so yummy. Do ask for a lot of sauce to make them even tastier. The whole meal costs S$5.00. 

Yummy Roasted Meat Rice at Guan Chee, Star Vista

Now I know where to go to have a fix of roasted meats. =P

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