Taipei Eats: Forever Long Queue Deng Long Lu Wei, Shida Night Market

When I was studying at Shida University, I passed by Deng Long Lu Wei (燈籠滷味) uncountable times. But the queue is always long and the ordering looks kinda complicated for someone who is a noob at speaking Mandarin. So it was kinda overwhelming to try ordering food here for me. 

Deng Long Lu Wei Shida Night Market Taipei

After a number of observation and equipping myself with a few basic vocabulary for ordering food, I dare myself to finally try ordering the food here. It was surprisingly easy because you just take whatever veggie/meat/noodle you want and put them all into a basket. Once you are done ordering, you just need to pass the basket filled with items to the cook and he/ she will cook them and mix them all for you. 

Shida Night Market Food Taipei Taiwan

The final product is like this. No idea about what kind of sauce or magic they pour into the pot while they cook the ingredients inside the basket. The combination of the dish taste yummy! 

Lu Wei At Shida Night Market Taipei Taiwan

That kinda explains why this stall always has long queue every night. 

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