Taipei Eats: Smoothie House's Mango Snow Ice, Yongkang Street

If you are wondering why there is a long queue in front of this snow ice stall at Yongkang Street on a summer day...'s practically because everyone is looking toward to enjoy mangoes, ice, and the sweetness of summer day in Taipei at Smoothie House. Poetry aside, this bowl of ice mangoes are so yummy and refreshing. Even though I sweat like hell while queuing, I suppose it's worth it at the end. #easytoplease

Smoothie House is located at Yongkang Street right opposite the stall selling cheese scallion pancake. If you come here with a friend, one of you can queue for the cheese scallion pancake while the other is queueing for the ice mangoes. After all, queuing has become part of everyday's life in Taipei. XD

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