Taiwan Eats: Ceng Ji Mochi, Hualien

My last night in Hualien and I somewhat feel reluctant to...leave the hotel because it was drizzling. But my persistent friend insisted that we must not leave Hualien without any mochi in tow. Her persistence dragged me out from my room and off we go walking to the train station to ask for the direction to the mochi store (we only know it's near the train station). Hualien Train station is not as big as Taipei Main Station and since it's near the end of long weekend, the train station was super crowded. We decided to ask the security guard instead because we were lazy to queue. 

After getting a somewhat vague answer from the security guard, we were really lucky to find the mochi store. Which is actually located just opposite the train station. 

Ceng Ji Mochi Store Hualien

The store is quite big and you can taste the mochi from the sampler. Yum! I really love this concept of tasting what you buy. Hahaha. 

Inside Hualien Ceng Ji Mochi Store

If you are not so sure on what to buy, you can buy according to the product ranking here. I suppose they are ranked by popularity. Hehe.

Hualien Mochi Rank Taiwan

The mochi have a lot of taste varying from black sesame, green tea, brown sugar, taro, etc etc. To be honest, I was having a bit of difficulty in deciding too. All seems good. And the thing is, they have short expiration date, so I should not really buy too many. 

Ceng Ji  Hualien Taro and Brown Sugar Mochi

Tried out the cold ice-cream mochi too while we were there. Yum. I love these mochi. =)

Hualien Ice Cream Mochi

The green tea mochi(s) were out that day so we were not able to try them out. Boo~~

Oh well, better luck next time.

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