Taiwan Eats: IJY Sheng, a bakery in the neighbourhood

If you are a bread-lover, you will not starve in Taiwan. There are a lot of good bakeries in Taiwan and IJY Sheng is one of them. You will probably bump into the bakery a number of times in Taipei alone as IJY Sheng has a lot of branches in the city. 

Other than the good taste, the size of some of the breads that IJY Sheng sells is humongous. Just like the sugary bread which looks like a diameter of a tree. With sugar granules. 

IjySheng, a bakery in the neighbourhood

IJY Shengsells a various kind of bread too. Some are better eaten cold as it is filled with sweet cream and half coated in chocolate. 

Ijysheng bakery in Taipei

Other than bread, IJY Sheng sells pastry too. Flaky, crispy and sweet. =)

Ijysheng chocolate pastry

There is one IJY Sheng located at Shida Road near Shida Night Market and another one at Gongguan. The branch at Gongguan often gives free cold tea in summer. =P

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