Taiwan Eats: Where to eat at Taroko National Park?

After the 3/4 hours drive from the previous post, our driver suggested to bring us to the first of the only two restaurants/ resting stop along Taroko trail (according to the driver). It's only 11AM but we agreed with him because he managed to convince us that the second restaurant is usually very packed by the time we reach the place.

I guess it's time to fill in our tummy again. The restaurant is full with photos of beautiful sceneries in Taroko National Park.

Taroko Trail Restaurant Taiwan

The restaurant is not big but it's quite cozy. We were officially the first customers on that day. 

Taroko Gorge Restaurant Taiwan

You can buy snacks and tidbits like dried fruits, dried mushroom, koala biscuits and mountain tea leaves from the restaurant. The mushrooms are quite tasty but their expiration date do not last long. 

Taroko Snacks Taiwan

A cup of hot black tea is always welcomed in chilly weather. 

Taroko Gorge Black Tea Taiwan

As we had a hefty breakfast at Misty Villa, we were not hungry yet when we reached the restaurant. So we shared the food amongst four of us. The below dish is black pepper beef while the top one is chicken and veggie. I prefer the beef. 

Taroko Restaurant Food

The restaurant has some kind of a landmark, an old tree. I suppose we should name it the restaurant-with-a-very-old-tree-in-its-backyard?

Taroko Old Tree Taiwan

Even the dogs in Taroko show some style in chilly weather. They have their own jackets!!!! Wow!!

Taiwanese Dogs

With full tummy, our journey continues. I bet we will end up sleeping inside the cab within few minutes. Zzzz.

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