Taiwan Travel: Anping Tree House, Tainan

After our trip to the Fort Zeelandia in Tainan City, we moved on to the next spot on our list, Anping Tree House. Anping Treehouse is a fusion between nature (in the form of a banyan tree) and man-made structure (an old warehouse). The banyan tree has been left to grow on the warehouse structure for the past 70 years and now, it has become a unique local attraction in Tainan. This is how the roof structure looks like from outside. I have to say, it makes me so curious to enter Anping Tree House. 

Anping Tree House in Tainan Taiwan

There is an admission fee of 50 NTD that you need to pay before you can go further inside the tree house. 

Banyan Tree and A Warehouse at Anping Tree House Tainan

The curtain-like decoration from the tree parts. The banyan tree knows how to decorate its house. 

Banyan Tree House at Anping Tainan

A mirror has been installed on the rooftop to allow visitor from beneath to see outside and see how the branches of the banyan tree are inter-tangle among themselves on the roof.

The banyan tree branches on the roof Anping Tree House

You can see the roots has assimilated with the building structure. 

If the weather permits, you can have a leisure exploration at Anping Tree House for around one to two hours. It's kinda fun. =)

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