Taiwan Travel: Candy Exhibition at E-da Theme Park, Kaohsiung

When I visited E-da Theme Park two years back, it happened to have Candy Exhibition inside its souvenir store (which looks like a house in Santorini from outside). We were welcomed by the ginger breadman. 

Candy Exhibition at E-da Theme Park, Kaohsiung

Anyone wanna ride this candy truck with me? I could not fit inside though. Hahaha. 

Candy Truck at E-da Theme Park Kaohsiung

Inside a candy house belongs to the mascot of E-da Theme Park. I am still wishing for my own place here in real life. 

Seats from biscuit or pineapple tarts, maybe? 

Biscuit seats in E-da Theme Park Candy Exhibition

And here lies the classic candies from my childhood. I love this bubble gum! There are 4 small chewing gum balls inside each box. I think I love the grape one the most. And my younger brother swallowed one of the bubble gum and cried afterward. Good thing, the gum did not stuck anywhere inside him and went out safely...to the loo. XD

Classic Bubble Gum in E-da Theme World Candy Exhibition

Chocolate Bar station. It's not real though. Too bad. I would not mind making my own chocolate. Hehe.

The Candy Exhibition is free of charge. I love the fact that Taiwan has so many cute exhibitions (although not all of them are free) like 100 Years of Doraemon and Robot Kitty

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