Taiwan Travel: Good Robots Obey The Law, Robot Kitty Exhibition

I am actually in a nostalgic mood today because I listened to new songs by Yen J. And my nostalgic mood kinda brought me to old pictures from a cute exhibition in Taipei, way back in 2003, called Robot Kitty. If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, you will love all the cute posters below taken at the exhibition. 

The wall at the start at the exhibition shows all kind of Hello Kitty in robot version. I immediately feel like cam-whoring with all Robot Kitty on the wall.

Cute Hello Kitty Robot Wall

Before you enter the exhibition, there are restrictions to follow. Non-adherence to the restrictions will lead you to being restrained by Bad Badzt Maru (which somehow I don't really feel reluctant toward this idea. I mean, Bad Badzt Maru is kinda cutely annoying).

Bad Badzt Maru Restrictions in Robot Kitty

If the restrictions do not stop you, probably these laws will. Please obey those while you are visiting Sanrio Robotics. Oh my gawd, can I work here for real?

Sanrio Robotics at Robot Kitty exhibition

Robot Kitty was not started in a day, Hello Kitty did her own study for a long time before she develops Sanrio Robotics. 

A diligent Hello Kitty

The work has not always been easy. Hello Kitty experienced a number of failures too. For instance an apple-looking machine who end up consuming the apples instead of...okay, I don't really know what the machine is supposed to do. XD

Hello Kitty and her failed invention

Is Hello Kitty your favorite Sanrio character too? 

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