Taiwan Travel: Let's Study at Sanrio Robotics, Robot Kitty Exhibition

I took like a million of pictures inside Robot Kitty exhibition two years ago. So I just feel like sharing a few random pictures of cute Hello Kitty. If you are not a Hello Kitty fan, you can skip this post. Hahaha. 

Sanrio Robotics Institute Taiwan Exhibition

Weird stack of biscuit before class starts. 

Hello Kitty Biscuit at Robot Kitty exhibition

I would have studied mechanical engineering if the book is this cute. Hahaha. 

Technical handbook issued by Sanrio Robotics Institute. 

The dean of the faculty. Or of the institute to be exact. 

Hello Kitty faculty dean

I have to say I really admire the Japanese ability to create something cute and then sells it to the world. XD

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