Taiwan Travel: Little Greek Souvenir Shop at E-da Theme Park, Kaohsiung

My adventure at the Greek Village at E-da Theme Park did not end without a trip to its souvenir store. Especially when the souvenir store looks like a quaint cafe at Santorini in Greece. 

Little Greek Souvenir Shop at E-da Theme Park, Kaohsiung

Iniside the souvenir store, you can find all kind of merchandises from fridge magnet, keychains to cutleries from E-da Theme Park. 

Souvenir Store in E-da Theme Park Kaohsiung

The setting of the souvenir store looks nice to look at as well. Just like the outer appearance, the store is set like a Greek harbor. In Santorinish kind of design. 

Santorini Souvenir Store in Kaohsiung

At the other section of the building though, the atmosphere got kinda dark. We did not really know what's kept here but our curiosity kept us going. 

Pirate Horror House in E-da World Kaohsiung Taiwan

Until one of the theme park staff told us that this path led to a horror house (in a piratey kind of way). Means, there will be no ghosts but a lot of staffs are working inside to surprise you from the entrance to the exit. Oh my goodness. Our hearts are not strong enough for this kind of activity so we quickly withdrew ourselves from this section. #scaredycats

Entrance to pirate horror house at E-da World Kaohsiung

If you are also a scaredycat like, no worry. There are other sections of the building that we can explore without getting a heart attack. Hehe. 

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