Taiwan Travel: One Night Stay at J Hotel, Kaohsiung

When we visited Kaohsiung for the first time, we did not really know which hotel is nice and which one is not. So we totally relied on the user reviews at Tripadvisor before booking our one night stay at J Hotel. One of the reason we chose J Hotel is because it is located within 5 minutes walking from Kaohsiung Station. 

Kaohsiung Station Taiwan

One thing that I love about my hotel experience in Taiwan so far is how big the bed is. There is always enough space for both of us on the bed. And the double bedroom at J Hotel is not exception. We found the double bedroom to be quite comfy. And as usual, the cable TV in Taiwan is fantastic too with a lot of options to watch (including the..erm..not-so-suitable-for-kids channels). 

One Night Stay at J Hotel Kaohsiung Taiwan

The bathroom is standard but it's clean and that alone is very important for a nice experience in a hotel. 

Bathroom in double bedroom at J Hotel Kaohsiung

When we passed by the main receptionist, the nice lady over the counter told us that we have free access to the restaurant all the time. We were kinda wondering what's so special about this free access until she told us that there are food to take 24/7 free of charge. We were kind skeptical about what kind of food but oh boy, we were so excited when we saw...a shelf full of buns and mantou(s). 

Free buffet spread in J Hotel Kaohsiung Restaurant

And ice cream spread from Movenpick. Yum! 

Free Movenpick Ice Cream Bar at J Hotel Kaohsiung Taiwan

We were so excited until we pack some food back from Liuhe Night market to eat them here at the restaurant. #utilisetothemax

Find out more about J Hotel Kaohsiung here.

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