Taiwan Travel: The Outer Yard of Fort Zeelandia, Tainan

After exploring the inner part of Fort Zeelandia in Anping city of Tainan, we continued our exploration outside. Right at the yard of the fortress. At the fortress wall, we saw a remnant of the ruck used to hold the walls together. 

The Wall of Fort Zeelandia in Anping Tainan

The bricks used to build the fortress wall were brought all the way from Java island in Indonesia. 

The red bricks used for wall fortress Fort Zeelandia

We noted that there is a pit right below the observation tower. Lured by curiosity, we explored the pit further. Let's hope curiosity won't kill the cat. Hahaha.

The pit at Fort Zeelandia Anping Tainan

The pits which can be found all around the fortress are actually excavation pits. 

Excavation pits in Fort Zeelandia Tainan Taiwan

In this excavation pit in particular, the first bricks laid in Taiwan were found. So glad that Taiwanese government really do a lot of efforts to preserve its history. 

First Bricks Laid in Taiwan at Fort Zeelandia Tainan

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