Taiwan Travel: Robot Kitty Exhibition at Taipei

One thing about the exhibitions in Taiwan is, there are a lot of cute exhibitions here. Probably because of its affinity to Japanese culture. And obviously Hello Kitty is super popular here. You can easily find Hello Kitty everywhere embedded on every products you can think of.

The Robot Kitty Future Paradise (未來樂園/ Wèilái lèyuán) is currently displayed at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park ((松山文創園區/ Sōngshān wén chuàng yuánqū) from 12 July 2013 to 20 October 2013. So if you are happened to be in Taipei now, or have plan to visit Taipei not later than 20 October 2013, you can pop a visit to this exhibition.

Robot Kitty Exhibition Ticket

The ticket price to enter the exhibition varies depending on whether you want to buy the robot kitty or not (yes, you can buy it and add accessories accordingly to your robot). If you simply want to go in and madly take picture of everything cute (like me), the ticket price is 300 NTD.

With the ticket in hands, we are ready to visit Sanrio Robotics Institute. =)

Sanrio Robotics Institute in Taiwan

There's the assembly manual for Robot Kitty. If you buy the robot, you don't have assembly it yourself though. So don't worry if it seems complicated on the picture. =P

Robot Kitty Assembly Manual Taipei Exhibition

We begin the tour by visiting the production team of Robot Kitty, led by Bad Badzt Maru. I was crazily in love with this character in primary school. I even begged my parents to buy me a Bad Badzt Maru watch. XD

Robot Kitty Production Team Hello Kitty Exhibition Taiwan

The institute have their own Quality Control teams, which is lead by a team of Kero Kero Keroppi. Awww! 

Robot Kitty Quality Control Team

And they have a work schedule. Hahaha. So creative and cute at the same time. 

Robot Kitty Quality Control Work Schedule

The components for the assembly are being prepared at the Component Department.

Robot Kitty Component Department Exhibition

Now we just need to find the "magic button" somewhere in the lab.

Hello Kitty Robot Laboratory

Voila! Hello Kitty with wings. =)

Robot Kitty Wings Taiwan Exhibition

The pictures that I've shown above are just the small fraction of what you will see inside. So if you are interested in the exhibition, you can go to Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (see A) by taking the MRT to either Taipei City Hall Station or Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Station. The place is within walking distance from both stations. What are you waiting for? =)

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park map

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