Taiwan Travel: Sanxiatai, Terrace of the Three Immortals

Driving through the East Coast line of Taiwan, we arrived at Sanxiatai. The three huge rocks ahead are the most prominent feature of the island. Local legend says that three China's Eight Immortals once landed there, and hence come the name, Sanxiatai.

Sanxiatai, Terrace of the Three Immortals

Pretty flowers sighted at the side of the road. 

The island was once connected to the headland by a neck of land which has been eroded away. It is now connected by a red, scalloped footbridge. There are a total of 8 arches on the footbridge. A really good exercise I must say. 

My friend tried all kind of angles to take picture of the footbridge. This one turned out to be nice! Maybe he does have a talent in photography. =P

Sanxiatai Footbridge from afar

There are so many crabs spotted on the rocks surrounding the island. 

Crabs in Sanxiatai in Taiwan

The view of the main island from Sanxiatai. Foggy day, that time. 

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