Taiwan Travel: Sunset View at Fisherman Wharf, Tamsui

The first time I tried to see sunset from Tamsui, New Taipei City, I came too early and hence the sun was still pretty bright when I captured the picture. This time around, I came after 6pm to Fisherman Wharf and yes, the sunset was pretty amazing. 

Sunset View at Fisherman Wharf, Tamsui

The sun set rather quickly so you must take picture fast. Within few minutes, I could no longer see the sun anymore. 

Sunset at Tamsui Taiwan

A lot of people are gathering to see the sunset view from Tamsui. After all, this is one of the most popular sites in Taiwan to do sunset watching. 

Crowd sunset watching at Tamsui Taipei

The opposite Bali Island was having a celebration. I did not remember the exact festival but it happened that there was a firework burst in the evening sky when I clicked the shutter button on my camera. Love it!

Summer festival at Bali Island in Taiwan

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