Bali Travel: House on a Rice Field, Ubud

I've always loved Ubud for its rice field view. That what makes Bali so special. Beaches, rice fields, mountains, Bali has them all. 

Ricefield view in Ubud Bali Indonesia

There is this old advert that I used to see when I was watching my cartoon last time on telly. The advert shows that people watch telly from a house which is built in the middle of the rice field. 

Bali Travel: House on a Rice Field in Ubud

Okay, calling it a house is basically an overstatement as it was more like a Indonesian rendition of gazebo which is used by the farmers to take a break from farming on a lunch time. Their wives will bring food for them to eat and they will together with their family in the house. 

 House on a Rice Field in Ubud

The telly always makes me and my friends wonder actually. How on earth does the people manage to watch telly from a wooden house which has no electricity? Hahaha. #thepowerofadvert

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