Bali Travel: Introducing the First of the Twin Temples at Batuan, Pura Dasar

Batuan is a village in Bali, Indonesia, which is famous for its artwork and style of paintings. The arts began in 1930s and it has now become major Balinese artistic style called Batuan painting. There are two temples on the western part of the Village which are known as Pura Puseh and Pura Dasar. Both temples are referred to as the "twin temples". Below is the picture of Pura Dasar.

As this is a religious site, visitors will be given a "sarong", which is basically a cloth to cover lower part of your body. Inside the complex of the temple, we saw a table is being set up for the offerings.

Offering table at Pura Dasar Batuan Bali

This is how a common offerings look like in Bali. You will definitely see one when you are walking around Bali island.

Offerings to god in Bali Island

A lot of visitors come to Batuan to admire the elaborate carving of the temples in Batuan. The carving goes all the way to the year 1000s when Batuan is ruled by a royal Balinese empire. 

The story goes on to the declining power of the royal Balinese empire which was due to a priest's curse. As a result of the curse, the royal family members are scattered to different parts of the island. The historical structure of Pura Dasar is still well maintained though notwithstanding the fact that the area has possibly changing hands so many times from one dynasty to another dynasty.

Building Structure at Pura Dasar Batuan Bali

Other than admiring the historical statues and structures, there are a lot of art performances held at these traditional Balinese houses set up inside the temple complex. For instance, visitors can enjoy watching a performance of the local dance called Gambuh.

Local dance performance performed at Batuan Bali Indonesia

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