Bali Travel: The Other Twin of the Twin Temples at Batuan, Pura Puseh

We were just talking about the Pura Dasar in the previous post and now, we visited the other temple called Pura Puseh. No wonder both Pura Dasar and Pura Puseh are referred to as "Twin Temples". The design of the temples are really similar like a total imitation of each other. For instance, the temple gate of Pura Puseh has already shown a lot of similarity to the one of Pura Dasar.

Welcome to Pura Puseh! The temple has an inscription carved on the stone reflecting the date of the construction. The details are now carved in the more modern way to make sure it is not gonna fade. The Balinese date is equivalent to 1022 AD. 

The Other Twin of the Twin Temples at Batuan Pura Puseh

Close up look of Pura Puseh, which is pretty much heavily influenced by Ubud style of carving. 

Pura Puseh at Batuan Bali Indonesia

Roarr! This statue may look like a those Chinese lions used to perform lion dance during Chinese New Year. is really a lion-like creature but Barong is depicted as the king of spirits, leader of the hosts of good and enemy of Rangda, the demon queen and mother of all spirit guarders in the mythological traditions of Bali.

The Statue of Barong in Bali Indonesia

A few steps away, there is a statue of Balinese woman which is praying to the god.

Statue of Balinese woman praying to god

Randomly spotted a beautiful purple flower too in the temple complex. I really love this kind of random finding during a trip. =)

Beautiful Balinese flower

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