Hong Kong Travel: Covering Hong Kong Disneyland in One Day Guide [Part 1]

Hong Kong Disneyland is the best Disneyland park to visit if you are Disneyland-newbie (well, not all of us born in a country which has Disneyland). The reason is simple. It's because Hong Kong Disneyland happens to be the smallest Disneyland on earth too. We did manage to finish playing all the rides in Hong Kong Disneyland within a day (with the exception of the Toy Story land because this section was not built yet when we visited Disneyland). Just wanna share our rides during that day:

1. First Ride: Autopia

Autopia Hong Kong Disneyland Ride

Right, basically everyone started running when the park opened. We were kinda shocked with this new level of kiasu-ism shown by the Chinese but oh well, since we were not at their level yet, we just ran to the nearest ride, Autopia (which somehow being passed by a lot of people). Autopia is quite fun especially if you bring little kids with you, it's basically a driving ride without actually need to drive for real. =P

Riding a car in Autopia Hong Kong Disneyland

2. Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters Hong Kong Disneyland

Astro Blasters is basically a ride-and-shoot games. A 4-seated train (or car or wagon) with 4 shooters at each side will be waiting for you at the end of the queue line. It's like riding through a Toy Story movie while shooting the alien. You will get points from shooting them and you can compete with your fellow riders and see who gets the highest score. 

Covering Hong Kong Disneyland in One Day Guide

As how the ride in theme park usually is designed, once you exit the ride, you will find yourself at the souvenir store. Aww, poor Lotso is stuck inside the tube. No wonder he ended up so bitter in the movie. =(

Lotso Doll at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

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