Hong Kong Travel: Covering Hong Kong Disneyland in One Day Guide [Part 3]

We planned to watch Festival of the Lion King which is located quite near to Tarzan's Tree House at Adventureland after we disembarked from the Tarzan's raft. But we did not really know the show timing and turned out, there are two hours left until the next show time. Hence, we walked back to Tomorrowland and queued up for a roller coaster ride, Space Mountain.

Space Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

One thing about Disneyland is...their roller coaster rides will not be as scary as those at Universal Studio or worse, Six Flags! But it does not mean there is no warning sign here. In fact, you are given a last chance to exit the queue. LOL.

Space Mountain Last Chance to Exit Roller Coaster HK Disneyland

Obviously I could not take any pictures while riding a roller coaster. The ride was pretty much fun so I encouraged you to queue up and yes, there is only one scary part where there is a sudden drop. Well, you just need to scream I guess. Hehe. 

On the way back to Adventureland, we saw a photo spot with Sleeping Beauty castle as the background. Ah, when will my Prince Charming come? #emo

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Hong Kong Disneyland

Okay, enough emo moment for now. We were finally back at Adventureland (again). You should probably learn from our mistake and check the show times early when you just enter the park to avoid wasting time and energy. =P

Adventureland at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

We were getting kinda hungry but since the Festival of the Lion King show will start in another 30 minutes, we did not want to risk a full-house theatre. So, we bought a chocolate egg waffle to nibble while waiting for the theatre door to open. 

Chocolate Egg Waffle at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

A few nom(s) after, the theatre guard started to distribute stickers to the queuing audiences. I got Minnie Mouse. ^^

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Sticker

I'm so ready to meet Simba and sing Hakuna Matata.  

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