Hong Kong Travel: Covering Hong Kong Disneyland in One Day Guide [Part 4]

I really love Disneyland's chill policy about taking picture during its shows. They are perfectly fine with it because I guess Disneyland know people will still go for the show anyway. After all, there's no way you will miss a show which has the words "Lion King" on its title. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Festival of the Lion King

The seats for the show "Festival of the Lion King" is allocated based on first-come-first-served. The most front row is reserved for the disabled, those with young kids and those with the elderlies. If you can come earlier, I would suggest you come earlier to queue in order to secure the 2nd row of the seats. Because the view is amazing from there.

And you can see Timon and Pumba up close! 

Hong Kong Travel: Covering Hong Kong Disneyland in One Day Guide

Hakuna Matata~~~what a wonderful phrase. It means no worry for the rest of your days. Oops, sorry, I can't help not joining the fun. XD

Simon and Pumba Lion King Show Hong Kong Disneyland

The ending is really amazing because they play the epic scene and the awesome song "Circle of Life". A total epic ending. #clappinglikemad

Simba Hakuna Matata at Hong Kong Disneyland

The show is held inside an air conditioned room so this will be a good place to go if you want to hide from the sun. =P

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