Hong Kong Travel: Disney Characters' Meet and Greet

If you are a fan of Disney's characters, you will probably go head over heels to take pictures with them. The longest queue when we visited Hong Kong Disneyland is not a queue for a ride. It is, in fact, a queue to take picture with Mickey and Minnie Mouse as a pair. Wow. Mickey and Minnie come quite early in the morning. I think it's around the park opening time. So if you want to catch them early, you can start running for the queue when the park opens. 

Hong Kong Travel: Disney Characters' Meet and Greet

As for us, we started our meet and greet tour in the afternoon around 5 or 6PM-ish when we had no more rides to try. We managed to take pictures with Winnie the Pooh. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Winnie the Pooh Meet and Greet

With Goofy, who's wearing Chinese long shirt. I think this picture will make a good Chinese New Year picture. LOL.

Hong Kong Disneyland Goofy Meet and Greet

With Mickey Mouse in tux. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet

And last but not least, with Minnie Mouse in her trademark red polka dot dress. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Minnie Mouse Meet and Greet

My friend who visited Hong Kong Disneyland this year told me that you can take picture with Anna and Elsa from Frozen too. But be prepared to queue for a while as a lot of little girls are sharing the same interest with you. Hahaha. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Frozen Anna and Elsa Meet and Greet

I have to admit, Anna and Elsa are still the most popular Disney icons since December. 

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