Hong Kong Travel: Feeling Hollywood vibe at Hong Kong Disneyland

Not like those kids nowadays, my first visit to Disneyland happened not when I was still sitting on elementary school bench. It was quite late but oh well at least I managed to do it in my 20s. Anyway, you are never too old for a Disney magic in your life. This kinda explains why I'm feeling so excited when I just entered my first Disneyland in Hong Kong. Disney train station omg, I've never seen this before. #pardonme

HK Disneyland Train Station

I'm so ready to enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. And definitely no paperwork to do here. I'll do that everytime (everytime I have the chance, I guess). XD

The world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy at HK Disneyland

A retro shot of the train station before entering the Hollywood section of Disneyland. 

Disney Train Station at Hong Kong

This is the main street USA which is the first area in Disneyland Hong Kong which you will step into after the ticketing area. The area is filled with restaurants, bakeries, souvenir stores and photo store (where you can see and buy any pictures taken by Disneyland staff inside the park).

Feeling Hollywood Vibe at Hong Kong Disneyland

There's also a cinema here but we did not really see if it's really a cinema or a store. We were too busy looting the Disney store beside the cinema.

Main Street USA at Hong Kong Disneyland

All kinds of balloon are sold here. Kinda tempted to buy one but it will be a chore to bring balloon when you want to ride something here. 

Disneyland balloon at Hong Kong Disneyland

At the end of the main street, you will be welcomed by the fantastic view of the Sleeping Beauty Castle and Sorcerer Mickey. 

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Hong Kong Disneyland

Be prepared for some magic here. 

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