Hong Kong Travel: The Flights of the Fantasy Parade at Hong Kong Disneyland

When the clock reaches 2.30pm, it's time for you to make your way to Main Street area. This is because the famous afternoon Disney parade in Hong Kong Disneyland, Flights of Fantasy will be held here at 3pm. Well, at least the crowd in Hong Kong Disneyland is not that bad. Oh boy, look at how lonely that rubbish bin is. 

10 minutes later, the situation has completely changed. People has started securing the place to watch the parade now. A lot of umbrellas are shown in the picture not because it was raining that day. It was so freaking hot up to the point all the UV protected umbrellas were all opened. XD

The crowd is cheering for Mickey when the parade starts. The flying Dumbo is the act opener for the Flights of Fantasy parade. 

Flights of Fantasy Parade in Hong Kong Disneyland

From afar, we could notice that Mickey is making his way slowly to our direction. The parade actually lasts for quite a while, around 35 minutes. It's started from Disney Storybook Theatre toward the Sleeping Beauty Castle roundabout and continued on to the Main Street USA view area. 

Mickey Mouse Carriage at the Flights of Fantasy Parade Hong Kong

The parade is actually pretty amazing because each cart is decorated according to the theme of whoever's riding the cart. For instance, here is the Disney princesses swan carriage.

Disney Princesses at Flights of Fantasy Parade Hong Kong Disneyland

All the fairies were coming up next to make way for Tinkerbell's carriage. 

Tinkerbell Carriage at Hong Kong Disneyland

I like the decoration of carriage from Toy Story the most. Because you can see the Green Army Men keep jumping up and down. So creative! (and exhausting maybe, for whoever acts as these toy soldiers.)

Toy Story Green Army Men Carriage at Hong Kong Disneyland

You should not miss the parade because it's really filled with music, dancing and fun entertainment. 

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