Hong Kong Travel: Fun Summer Day at Hong Kong Disneyland

After the cute train ride from Central to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, we have finally arrived at the main gate of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Hello, Mickey! 

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Gate

You need to walk for a distance from the entrance to the main ticketing area. But thankfully, the walk is quite fun because there are a lot of photo objects in the middle of the walk. I mean, a fountain with Mickey Mouse on the top is definitely a photogenic object right? =)

Mickey Mouse Fountain at Hong Kong Disneyland

Mickey's best pal, Goofy is also having fun playing in the fountain. At the other side of the fountain, you can see Donald Duck is having fun here too. 

A few clicks after, we have finally reached the ticketing counter. We did not buy online ticket beforehand because we did not really see the need here. The Hong Kong's (and China's I guess) crowd is not as bad as the crowd in Tokyo Disneyland Resort. 

Ticket counter at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

I really love my ticket stub. It has Wizard Mickey from Fantasia on its cover. ^^

Wizard Mickey Fantasia Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket

My friend has Stitch on her ticket. Last time, there is this Star Pass which you can buy together with your tickets. The Star Pass basically gives you an exclusive privilege to queue at the faster lane for certain rides. But based on my latest check on Hong Kong Disneyland Resort's website, it seems that Star Pass is no longer sold. =(

Stitch Disneyland Hong Kong Ticket

One day adult ticket costs 499 HKD while two days adult ticket costs 680 HKD. Personally, I don't think you need two days to play all the rides in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

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