Hong Kong Travel: Where to eat lunch at Hong Kong Disneyland?

The easiest place to have lunch at Hong Kong Disneyland is the Royal Banquet Hall. The ultimate lunch venue for those kings and queens who...don't mind eating in a food court. Well, kings and queens must mingle with the commoners too once in a while, right?

Where to eat lunch at Hong Kong Disneyland?

In the Royal Banquet Hall, the disguised kings and queens can order the food by going to any food station. The waiter/ waitress will put the food of your choices on your tray. Once you are done ordering, please make payment at the cashier, your majesty. 

Right in the middle of the banquet hall, there is a statue of Beauty and the Beast. Kinda elevate the royal atmosphere inside the banquet hall, ain't them?

Beauty and the Beast Statue in Royal Banquet Hall Hong Kong Disneyland

So what are we having here in this amazing banquet? For a starter, we have the tomato soup served with garlic bread.

Tomato soup served with garlic bread at Hong Kong Disneyland

For the mains, we have the seafood fried rice. I was kinda hoping the fried rice is served in Mickey Mouse style but on second thought, there's no way they can shape every single rice in Mickey Mouse's head. XD

Seafood Fried Rice at Hong Kong Disneyland

But on the other hand, pizza can be easily shaped and voila! Her comes our Mickey Pizza. To tell you the truth, we bought this pizza simply due to the shape. At least, the pizza taste okay enough for our tastebuds. 

Mickey Shaped Pizza at Hong Kong Disneyland

If you have the time, you may want to book a table at Crystal Lotus. I heard their certain dim sum dishes are shaped in Disney characters like the aliens from Toy Story. I'll try it in my next visit, I guess.

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