Singapore Eats: A rare team lunch at Peach Garden, OCBC Centre

To tell you the truth, this rave-most team lunch at Peach Garden only happened once during my 5 years career. I guess that is understandable since the 8 course lunch menu at Peach Garden kinda costs a bomb, which my big boss probably finds it hard to stomach after our team grow. Hahaha.

Does the food match the price tag? Let's see...

1. Cereal and Wasabi Prawn

The appetiser has already blown our table away. Both prawns taste so good. You don't have to worry if you don't like wasabi because I myself don't eat wasabi and yet, find the wasabi prawn to be tasty! I didn't feel the usual stinginess that I usually feel from eating wasabi.

Cereal and Wasabi Prawn at Peach Garden OCBC Centre

2. Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and Sour Soup Peach Garden OCBC Centre

3. Sambal Fish and Soybean

Sambal fish and soybean Peach Garden OCBC Centre

4. A big chunk of steamed fish

Steamed Fish at Peach Garden OCBC Centre

5. Tofu and Fish Maw with Veggies

Tofu and Fish Maw at Peach Garden OCBC Centre

6. Grilled chicken in sweet sauce

Grilled Chicken in Sweet Sauce Peach Garden OCBC Centre

After the fantastic appetiser, our main dishes came one by one. Overall, the whole lunch experience is fantastic even though it did not include the signature roasted duck. We ended our meal with traditional dessert. I think I ordered a mango pomelo sago but I could not find the picture. 

Oh well, I've probably forgotten about taking picture and went straight for the kill when the dessert arrived. XD

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